Mostly for the material, especially the flex banner, there is high requirement of minimum order quantity. This make the stock of material to be difficult. As there are requirement of different size. While with this media slitter, all problem solved. You can cut the banner into any size you like. 


1. Fast Speed
Can finish one banner media cutting in 10 seconds

2. Good Slitting
High quality rotary knife, keep the smooth finish edge

3. Low Cost
Using rotary knife, long life time and low running cost

4. Low Stock
Can keep less small size, reduce the stock & investment


overview images

Chain Design

overview images

Roller Structure

overview images

Stable Base

overview images

Rotary Knife


application images
application images
application images
application images
Product Model DS-320
Cutting Width 5200mm
Max Diameter 250mm
Working Voltage 220v/380v
Product Power 3500w
Gross Weight 250KG
Net Weight 170KG
Packing Size 3100*675*450mm + 840*340*430mm

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