UV Roll to Roll Printer UR-2000 Series image UV Roll to Roll Printer UR-2000 Series image

Nowadays the UV Printing is the trend of advertisement printing. As it can print more kinds of material, and guarantee much longer lifetime, and gives very impressive printing result. Especially for this new arrival SinoColor UR-2000 Series Machine,equipped with officially supplied Epson i3200-U or Ricoh GEN5 or Ricoh GEN6 industrial heads,speed can be up to 56 sqm/h. 2m and 3.2m as option, meet the requirement of different printing. Advanced technology, makes it to be your professional business partner.

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Elegant appearance

Elegant and sleek appearance design, not only an advanced printing equipment, but also a decoration for the company.

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High Quality Component

Branded accessories are used for high attrition areas. Greatly increased the lifetime and stability of the machine. For example, the Hiwin guide rail, German Igus drag chain, Italian Megadyne belt.

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Different Printheads Available

Epson i3200-U, Ricoh GEN5,GEN6 available,meet the demands of different clients


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Negative Pressure System

Equipped with two advanced separate negative pressure systems (One for color and varnish, One for white). Stabilize the air pressure inside the ink supply system, one button to fill the ink. Simply and effectively ensure the continuous ink flow, assure the maintenance of multi-heads equipment to be easy as well.

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Dual guide rail

Dual guide rail configuration, guarantees the stability of long time running.

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Material Tension System

Well-designed tension type material feeding and take-up system. Ensure the high accuracy of material stepping. Apply to not only regular sign materials, but also materials with slight malleability including the soft PVC film.

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Embossment Effect Printing

Support to print CMYK+White+Vrnish,get a perfect embossing effect for your image.

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Integrated control centre

Integrated machine control centre. Convenient and high-efficiency.

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Aluminum Beam

Ultra wide one-time molding aluminum beam. Ensure the high resolution printing.

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Ink Filter System

Rigorous ink filtration design, Effectively avoid the impurities from going into the ink supply system.

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Modular Printhead Connecting Component

Modular component design for the connection of printhead and ink supply system, makes the printhead installation, cleaning and replacing to be quite convenient. (For Epson i3200-U)

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Ink Stirring System

Mature time-set stirring system for white ink, effectively decreases the problems caused by white ink precipitation.

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Anti-collision System

Printer will automatically stop when the printhead carriage hits any unexpected object during working, and the system memory function supports continuing printing from the interruption part, reducing the material waste.

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Heavy Duty Roller

Heavy duty material roller, load-bearing can reach maximum 180KG. And it can adapt to different diameter materials by adjusting the air pressure inside the roller.


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Model NO. UR-2000S UR-2000R UR-2000Rs UR-3200Rs
Printhead 3/4 × Epson i3200-U 3/4 × Ricoh GEN5 3/4 × Ricoh GEN6 3/4 × Ricoh GEN6
Resolution(dpi) 2400dpi 1200dpi 1200dpi 1200dpi


Width 1850 mm MAX 3200 mm Max
Types Canvas, Leather, PET Film, Reflective Film, Soft Ceiling Film & More Flexible Material Etc



Type UV Ink
Curing High Quality Water Cooling UV-LED Lamp


Color Mode CMYK
Draft 56 sqm/h 23 sqm/h 28  sqm/h 36 sqm/h
Production 28 sqm/h 16 sqm/h 20  sqm/h 25.5 sqm/h
Quality 16 sqm/h 13 sqm/h 16  sqm/h 20.5 sqm/h
Ink Supply System Two advanced separate negative pressure systems (One for color and varnish, One for white).
Cleaning Automatic Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Feed & Take Up Automatic Media Feeding (Standard) & Take up System (Optional)
Rip Software FlexiPrint
Connector USB 3.0


AC 110V / 220V ± 5%, 16A, 50/60Hz ± 1


Machine  L3770 x W920 x H1710(mm)
Packing  L3870 x W1020 x H1940(mm)


Machine 850KG
Packing 1100KG

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