Textile Printer FP-1260S / FP-1260S Pro image Textile Printer FP-1260S / FP-1260S Pro image

The direct textile printer FP-740 / FP-1260 prints directly on textile fabric, mostly on polyester textile. Unlike the traditional print and transfer process, the new direct textile printer saves a lot time and labor cost. Now in China, most of the textile printing company are using direct textile printer, and FP-740 / FP-1260, is no doubt the leading one.

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Integrated Temperature Control

Control the front, middle and rear heater in one place. Integrated heater controller have less fault than separate ones.

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Big Functional Control Panel

Adopts the latest program Intelligent Error Auto-Detection boards, it can guide user to find solution very quickly.

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Advanced Media Handling

New feed adjuster system for even tensioning to prevent skewing

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Italian Megadyne Belt

High quality. Durable. Guarantee smooth movement of carriage.

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Anti-collision Function

Anti-collision system is equipped to protect the printhead and carriage all the time

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Modular Printhead Connecting Component

Modular component design for the connection of printhead and ink supply system, makes the printhead installation, cleaning and replacing to be quite convenient.

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High Quality Branded Guide Rail

Build for long life use and high precision carriage movement.

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German IGUS Drag Chain

IGUS drag chain itself is a guarantee of quality, takes the printer stability to a new level.

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Aluminum Moulding Frame

Increase machine accuracy and extend machine durability

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Double Slider

Since the double heads printer has wider carriage, double slider is necessary to ensure stable movement of the carriage.

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Variable Dot Print Technology

Permitting the printer to provide smooth gradations, exceptional solid colors and optimum image quality in all print modes

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Heating Cutter (Optional)

unique small device that saves time for finishing process


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Model NO. FP-740S FP-740S Pro FP-1260S FP-1260S Pro
Printhead Type 2 x i3200 4 x i3200 2 x i3200  4 x i3200 
Nozzles 3200 pcs
Height 2-8mm Above Media Adjustable
Max Printing Width 74 Inch (1.8 meter) 126 Inch (3.2 meter)
Resolution (dpi) 2400 dpi
Color CMYK
Media Types Print with sublimation ink: Polyester (for flag, display, light box, etc)Print with textile pigment ink: Cotton
Ink Type Sublimation Ink,Textile Pigment Ink
Droplet 1.5 – 21pl Variable
Speed Draft 80 sqm/h 150 sqm/h 96 sqm/h 180 sqm/h
Standard 40 sqm/h 70 sqm/h 48 sqm/h 90 sqm/h
Quality 25 sqm/h 50 sqm/h 30 sqm/h 60 sqm/h
Feeding & Take-up Automatic Media Feeding (Standard) & Take-up System (Standard)
Cleaning System Automatic Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Heating System Pre/Post Heater Equipped
Cooling System Cooling Fan Equipped
Environment Temperature: 20-28°C, Humidity: 40-60%
Rip Software Maintop (Standard) / Photoprint (Optional)
Control Software SinoColor Print Console
Interface USB 3.0
Operation System Windows 7 / XP/ 10
Power AC 110 / 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 2000W
Size&Weight (Packing) L3840mm W1240mm H1895mm / 1200KG L5240mm W1240 H1895mm / 1500KG

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