DTF Garment Printer image DTF Garment Printer image

Want one set machines to print on different items such as garment of different material, hoodies, shoes, bags,etc? Can check this DTF solution. Compared with the DTG direct to garment printer, this DTF solution is flexible in positioning, and avoid the waste of t-shirt due to any unexpected fault,no need pre-treating, and good for mass production. Can check our video to know more about it.

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60cm Mini Roll to Roll Printer

Easy to find space for it in the office, and extend the business to new area.

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Wide Pinch Roller

Wide pinch roller keeps smooth movement of the media. And it has proper pressure to ensure accurate media step while not make any footprint of the pinch roller.

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One-time mold aluminum carriage beam

Ensure high accuracy of carriage movement.

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Drying and Heating System

Front and rear heating system and front drying fan are standard equipped to help dry the printed material fast.

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Megadyne Belt

High quality. Durable.

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Triangular Aluminum Moulding Structure

Increase machine stability and extend machine durability.

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LED lamp strip equipped

Uses could check out the print result more easily.

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Variable Dot Print Technology

Permitting the printer to provide smooth gradations, exceptional solid colors and optimum image quality in all print modes.


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WJ-240S Pigment Ink Printer

Model No.



2 × Epson i3200


2400dpi max

Ink Color

C M Y K + White


Size 60cm
Types PET Film


Standard 10 sqm/h
Quality 6 sqm/h
Photo 4 sqm/h
Ink Type Pigment Ink

Ink Droplet

1.5-21pl variable


Automatic Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System

Feed & take up

Automatic Media Feeding ( Standard ) & Take up System ( Standard )


Temperature: 20-28℃, Humidity: 40%-60%

Rip Software

Maintop (standard)/ Photoprint (optional)


USB 3.0


 50/60HZ, 110 / 220V


Powder Treating Machine

Media Width



Nylon, chemical fiber, cotton, swimsuit,diving suit, PVC, EVA,etc.

Powder Treating Control

The direction and amount of powder scattering and shaking is adjustable

Heating & Drying

High power & high efficiency heating system

Media Feeding Mode

Vacuum belt type platform

Media Take-up

Auto media take-up system (Standard)


Machine 50/60HZ, 110/220V, 5.22KW


Machine : 1985 × 1090 × 1080mm

Packing : 1900 × 1140 × 1134mm