To make the billboard, light box, which machine to choose?

If your business is only outdoor advertisement, big and no need high resolution, can choose the Solvent Printer with Konica KM512i 30pl Heads. 8 heads can reach 280sqm/h. Super fast.

If you want to print for not only outdoor but also indoor, then the Eco Solvent Printer will be great choice. It gives you photo quality printing. And almost no smell.

Besides, we also have choice for your hi-end client like the airport, luxury store. That is the UV Printing. Outdoor lifetime can be 3 years. Indoor lifetime can be 10 years. And since the drying method is quite different, make the quality to be really the Top ones. Fit for almost all kinds of media.
What’s more, it is real environment friendly.


SJ-1260S & SJ-1260i & SJ-1260E Eco Solvent Printer
  • 3.2m (126 inch) super printing width eco solvent printer
  • With 2 pcs Epson i3200 /F1080
  • Standard printing mode speed up to 46 m²/h
  • Max 2400dpi, Photo quality
  • Available to print two rolls simultaneously
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Speedy Monster KM-512i
  • Max Speed: 280 sqm/h
  • Resolution(dpi): 720dpi max
  • Media Types: Flex Banner, Vinyl, Mesh, Banner Cloth
  • Printhead: 4/8 pcs KM-512iLNB-30PL
  • Ink Color: C M Y K
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Auto Eyelet Punching Machine
  • Speed: About 1800 pcs grommets per hour
  • Solid, No punctures and nice
  • The sheeting adopts engineering plastic designh Corrosion prevention
  • Labor savin, efficency and good quality.
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