Eco Solvent Printer

Eco Solvent Printer SJ-3200S
  • Max printing width: 3.2m (10 feet)
  • Printhead: 4x Epson i3200-E
  • Max resolution: 2400dpi
  • Speed: Production mode-70sqm/h
  • Application: Fast speed outdoor and indoor printing on flex banner, canvas, vinyl, paper
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SJ-1260S & SJ-1260E Eco Solvent Printer
  • 3.2m (126 inch) super printing width eco solvent printer
  • With 2 pcs Epson i3200 /F1080
  • Standard printing mode speed up to 46 m²/h
  • Max 2400dpi, Photo quality
  • Available to print two rolls simultaneously
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SJ-740S & SJ-740E
  • Max printing size: 1.8m
  • Printhead: 2 pcs Epson i3200 / F1080
  • Application: Flex banner, vinyl, pp paper, photo paper
  • Resolution: 2400dpi
  • Speed: 42sqm/h
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  • Max printing size: 1.6m
  • Printhead: Single Epson F1080 / DX5
  • Application: Flex Banner, Vinyl, One Way Vision, Banner Cloth
  • Resolution: 1440dpi
  • Speed: 20 sqm/h
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